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12 August, 2015
Swift 1 (2)

Business News 2015 Rising Stars winner International Maritime Services has won a $2.7 million contract to provide its services to a United Arab Emirates-based vessel over a one-year term.

The scope of work will involve IMS providing delivery, crew management and technical supervision of New York company Sealift LLC’s 97 metre high-speed vessel, Swift.

Under the terms of the three-stage agreement, IMS will take over management of the vessel once it has dry docked in Hobart, then will set up, crew, and administer the 7,000 nautical mile delivery to Abu Dhabi.

IMS will supply and manage 14 crew for the initial 12-month operation period in Abu Dhabi out of its Baltic office.

IMS will also provide a full-time supervisor to the UAE to provide full technical management of the vessel for an initial three months. IMS will be seeking to continue the service after the initial period.

“IMS had to beat tough competition from its two major Dutch competitors to win this contract and managed to do so due to its vast experience with this type of vessel,” IMS said in a statement.

“Between being a 2015 Rising Star and securing this contract, the IMS office is feeling very proud of itself as they have been implementing programs and strategies over the part couple of years to enable them to complete on a level playing field and win contracts such as this in the competitive world market.”

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