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The IMS Story

Since 1985, with an emphasis on craft with water-jet propulsion systems, we have specialised in commissioning, delivery and crew training on high-speed ferries and have since delivered more of these unique ships than any other company in the world.

As a result of the quantity of new-build ferries that we commission and deliver, our specialist crew has an intimate knowledge in the use of the latest bridge and engine-room equipment.  Having this experience with a variety of equipment types allows our crew to command and operate any new vessel with the minimum of fuss and handover requirement.

A high percentage of ferries delivered by us are built and surveyed to function in coastal operations.  As a result, all deliveries that are carried out across ocean waters, require special permits and exemptions to comply with all statutory requirements and arrive safely.

We have ‘the runs on the board’ to satisfy flag state authorities that we possess the knowledge and skills to relocate these vessels to their new destinations.  As a result of the care and responsibility taken by our experienced crew, we have a 100% success and safety record.  All vessels have arrived without incident, ready to operate.

We have consistently proven that Australia is not ‘too far away’ to offer ship delivery services at globally competitive rates.  No matter where the new or secondhand vessel is, nor to where it must be relocated to, please take the time to make contact for an obligation free quotation by the very next business day.

We offer the following services, covering any aspect of purchasing or owning a ferry:

  • Writing specifications and shipbuilding agreements
  • Owner’s representation for the term of the build project
  • Commissioning trials and crew
  • Crew training and familiarisation for new or existing crew
  • Delivery of the ferry from the shipyard to the operation
  • Ship management
  • Operational management, including through-life support, marketing, personnel and ticketing systems

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